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The Policy

Financial Advice New Zealand in conjunction with Mercer Marsh Benefits™ (MMB), the insurance broker for Financial Advice New Zealand, has established a Group Life Insurance plan for Financial Advice New Zealand members.

What does the Financial Advice New Zealand Group Life Insurance plan offer?

An insurance plan that enables members of Financial Advice New Zealand to obtain insurance at group premium rates. The plan offers Group Life and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) coverage to age 75* for the Life benefit, and to age 70 for the TPD benefit.

Life insurance can be purchased on its own or in combination with Total and Permanent Disablement insurance (TPD). You may choose a benefit level not less than $100,000 or any higher amount. The amount of TPD chosen cannot exceed the chosen level of Life insurance.

Life insurance entitles the insured beneficiary (the owner of the benefit) to a lump sum,  on death of the insured member. In combination with TPD it entitles the insured beneficiary to a lump sum on the Death or Total and Permanent Disablement of the insured member. This is an accelerated benefit. 

*Insurance cover for Life ceases at age 75, but will reduce to a maximum cover of $50,000 between age 70 and 75.

The Total and Permanent Disablement definition is on an own occupation basis in respect of members aged 64 or under and for ages 65 to 69 inclusive is based on activities of normal daily living.


All persons who are current, financial members of Financial Advice New Zealand and have been for a minimum of 3 months. This includes those members of Financial Advice New Zealand who hold Membership Type/Class Practitioner or Associate member.

After you have been a member for 3 months you will be invited to join the plan. You will have a 30 day Automatic Acceptance window (up to $600,000 Life & TPD).

Members aged between 65 or older can apply for cover subject to completion of a medical questionnaire and underwriting by the insurer.

Members aged between 70 to 75 can also apply for a limited cover of $50,000 subject to completion of a medical questionnaire and underwriting by the insurer.

Members from the PAA, who would have been offered the opportunity to join the Group Life plan in the past, and did not take up the offer, will not be eligible for Automatic Acceptance and will have to complete a medical questionnaire and be assessed by the insurer for cover.

The plan provides a continuation of cover should a member leave the Financial Advice membership.  Terms and conditions apply, and the offer is only available for a 60-day window following their last day at Financial Advice.  The continuation option to all members while their benefits are in force. 

The insurer has added the Best Doctors benefit for all participating members.  You can access this great benefit here:

Commission Disclosure

Mercer Marsh Benefits™ receives a commission by the insurer for this placement (commonly known as brokerage) and Mercer Marsh Benefits™ have agreed to share some of this commission with Financial Advice New Zealand Inc.  (Please note: Financial Advice New Zealand have not registered on the FSPR and therefore has no legal requirement to disclose commission, however, believe it is best practice to do so).