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Eligible Financial Advice Members can choose from the following benefits.

Life insurance pays a lump sum benefit upon the death of an insured member. The benefit is usually payable without the deduction of tax. A benefit may also be payable in the event of a Terminal Illness, which is when a specialist has diagnosed that the member is expected to die within 12 months.

Total and Permanent Disablement insurance provides a lump sum benefit.

The insured member is deemed totally and permanently disabled if he/she is unable to work for three consecutive months after the date of disablement upon satisfactory medical evidence. The Total & Permanent Disablement definition is on an "own occupation basis" in respect of members aged 64 or under and for ages 65 to 69 inclusive is based on "activities of daily living".

TPD is an accelerated benefit which means any death sum insured is reduced by the amount of any TPD claim paid.

This information is provided as a product summary only.

Best Doctors is a global service that gives absolute confidence, clarity and certainty when facing a medical condition by remotely connecting members with leading local and global medical specialists to provide diagnosis and treatment plans. 

Access to Best Doctors extends to all employees and their family members, which connects them with a network of leading specialists from New Zealand and around the world. As well as access to GP’s for general advice and guidance, Best Doctors offers members an expert medical opinion on mental and physical conditions when they need it most, helping them have confidence in their diagnosis and treatment plan. 

Members don’t need to be on claim to access the Best Doctors service. 

They can use it at anytime, anywhere, and as often as they need for no extra cost, and its completely confidential. If a member or their family faces a mental or physical condition (from minor to major) they can connect with specialist doctors to: 

• conduct an in-depth medical review 

• confirm a diagnosis 

• help decide treatment options 

• check information they’ve been given by their doctor 

• receive quick answers to basic health questions