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The Insurer

AMP Life Limited was acquired by Resolution Life in June 2020 and changed its name to Resolution Life Australasia Limited in October 2021.

Resolution Life Australasia Limited

Resolution Life is a global manager of in-force life insurance businesses who provide customers with peace of mind that their insurance is in safe and trusted hands for the long term.

Since 2003, various Resolution Life entities have committed over US$16 billion of equity in the acquisition, reinsurance, consolidation and management of 28 life insurance companies. Together, these companies have served the needs of over 10 million policyholders while managing over US$320 billion of assets. Resolution Life focuses on delivering policyholder benefits in a secure, well capitalised environment.

Resolution Life is backed by large investors who are leading financial institutions, insurance companies, pension plans, sovereign wealth funds and family offices.

Resolution Life's Financial Strength

Resolution Life Australasia Limited (Resolution Life) has an A (Strong) Insurer Financial Strength Rating given by Fitch Australia Pty Limited (Fitch), an approved rating agency, whose rating scale is set out below in summary form.

For Fitch’s full rating scale, please go to Fitch's website at